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State Machine Diagram

Oct 10, 2008 at 9:46 PM
Are there any plans for a state machine diagram tool?

1) how to access the treeview from pluggins?
Most uml tools provide a tree view that has all the diagrams.
This tree would be beneificial in a hierarchical state machine.
you can click on the tree node to see the specific hierarchical diagram.

if they create a new statemachine i need to be able to write to the treeview

2) How is data sharing between pluggins work?
When creating a statemachine diagram its normally associated with a sequence diagram tool that will create events referenced by the state diagram tool.
how would those 2 pluggins interact and share the data... ?

Internally the statemachine diagram is going need the uml diagram pluggin so that the developer can create an inputcontext object for each statemachine.